The Descendant: Episode 5 - Ultimatum

With the planet destroyed, only a few thousand ‘descendants of humanity’ were hand-picked to survive, cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks. Centuries passed. The world recovered and all the Arks reopened, except one — Ark-01. Taking place across two timelines, in the past you’ll play as Mia, a janitor tasked with keeping the precious descendants housed within Ark-01 alive while the facility continually fails around her, and in the present, you’ll play as Donnie, one of the investigators trying to rescue any surviving descendants trapped within, all while discovering a far greater conspiracy buried within the underground Ark complex.

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Posted by My Dune on Dec 11, 2016

Disapointing final

I had good hopes for this series, but it turned out to be just an interactive story. Graphics and Sound are good. Story is okay. This final should have been better then previous episodes, but this ending was terrible and even shorter than all the... Read the review »

Game Information

Platform Mac, PC
Perspective Third-Person
Control Keyboard
Gameplay Quest
Genre Science Fiction
Theme -
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation Realtime 3D
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download