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The Bunker

Bunker, The - Cover art

You are the last remaining survivor of a nuclear bunker, 30 years after the blast obliterated everything above ground. Over the years everyone else has died, and their corpses are locked away in the cold storage room. Your daily routine is the only thing (barely) keeping you sane, but when an alarm is triggered your mind begins to self-destruct. Now you must venture deeper and deeper into the bunker discovering long forgotten zones and uncovering dark and repressed memories that finally reveal the terrible secret of the bunker.

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Walkthrough for The Bunker

Stuck in The Bunker, or looking for the best way to proceed? Click below to view our walkthrough for The Bunker and wonder no more!

Note, these will contain spoilers.

What our readers think of The Bunker

Posted by Karlok on Feb 1, 2018

QTEs :(

I liked the old interactive movies, for instance TLC, but this one is not for me. I read the other reviews and I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who couldn't make it past the last series of QTEs. Had to watch the ending at Youtube. The story is okay, I...

Posted by Cheshire Cat on Dec 26, 2017

This is not a game

The story is great and the acting is superb, but this is not a game. This is an interactive movie where you're led by hand throughout the whole experience and are told exactly what to do. Even Telltale games have more gameplay than this. On the other hand,...

Posted by Relic on Nov 27, 2017

Adventures of a post apocalytic shut-in

Well I didn't actually finish this one. The last mouse mashing event was too quick for mouse skills and after having to repeat the previous 3-4 minutes to get to it again 4 times I realised I could be playing an actual adventure game and not a spliced...

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Adventure Games by Splendy Games

Game Information

Platform Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Perspective Third-Person
Control Gamepad, Point-and-click, Touch
Gameplay Solitary Exploration
Genre Mystery
Theme Psychological
Graphic Style Live Action
Presentation Full motion video
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download

The Bunker by Splendy Games - Adventure Game

The Bunker is an adventure game, released in 2016 by Splendy Games. The Bunker has a Live Action style and uses a Gamepad, Point-and-click, Touch control scheme. Adventure Gamers have published a review of The Bunker and rate it as Uneven, meanwhile the community rating for The Bunker is Decent.
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