Haunting at Cliffhouse

Your husband is dead in a tragic accident. Your life seems pointless and without direction. Lost in your sadness, you find an invitation to Cliffhouse Bed and Breakfast, a sanctuary of peace and serenity in your time of grief. It seems like an idyllic retreat from the world... a place to unwind, relax and let go of the misery that haunts you. But from the moment you ring the check-in bell, you are thrown into a world of mystery, family secrets and tragic history that will take you through time to unravel the buried scandals of the long-dead family dynasty who shaped the very coastline on which you stay. Logging and love, mythology and magic, art and artifice; all conspire to turn your dream into a nightmare.

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Game Information

Platform PC
Perspective First-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Casual, Quest
Genre Mystery
Theme Gothic, Supernatural
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation Slideshow
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media CD

Product Details

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or 7 with DirectX 5 or above
Pentium or higher Processor
Supports all DirectX-compatible sound and video cards