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An FMV Christmas 2013: Season’s Greetings


Since most of you have spent the year being shameless kleptomaniacs, thieving anything that isn't nailed down and generally causing disruption and mayhem wherever you go, chances are you've all ended up on Santa's naughty list. That's a lot of coal in a lot of stockings if we leave it up to the big boy in red. But since we know you only misbehaved in the name of solving puzzles, and because we know our very own toymakers, we'll do what any good adventurer does when things don't go our way: we'll improvise!

Much as we'd like to, we can't give you all games, but we are pleased to share with you our second annual Season's Greetings video from the genre's best and brightest developers. (Or as many as we could cram down the chimney, at least.) Along with these acclaimed industry veterans and promising newcomers alike, we here at Adventure Gamers would like to wish you all a very happy holidays.

Oh, what the heck... games for everyone too! Whether playing again or for the first time, don't forget about AG's own classic (in our own minds) adventure trilogy:

Christmas Quest: The Best Adventure Game Ever!

Christmas Quest 2: The Yuletide Flows In

Christmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help Desk

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Video Table of Contents

0:10 - Ken Williams, Mr. Sierra
0:45 - Josef Fares, Designer/Director (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons)
1:15 - Tim Schafer and Double Fine (Broken Age)
1:48 - Dave Grossman, Telltale Games (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us)
3:52 - Josh Mandel (Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded)
6:06 - Katie Hallahan, César Bittar and Richard Flores, Phoenix Online Studios (Moebius, Gabriel Knight 1: 20th Anniversary Edition)
7:24 - Agustín Cordes, Senscape (Asylum)
10:10 - Jan Kavan & Lukáš Medek, CBE Software (J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars)
10:57 - Jonathan Boakes, Darkling Room (The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle)
11:22 - Critter, KING Art (The Raven)
11:51 - Steve and Jessica Hoogendyk, Geeta Games (Lilly Looking Through)
12:44 - Scott Murphy, Two Guys from Andromeda (SpaceVenture)
14:24 - Steve Gaynor, The Fullbright Company (Gone Home)
14:47 - Pencil Test Studios (Armikrog)
15:24 - Cardboard Computer (Kentucky Route Zero)
16:44 - Karl Roelofs, Zojoi (Shadowgate)
18:15 - Compulsion Games (Contrast)
19:06 - Rand Miller and Cyan Worlds (Obduction)
19:52 - Mike Morrison and Tom Griffith, Digital Media Workshop (Prominence)
21:29 - Alasdair Beckett-King (Nelly Cootalot)
22:52 - Gene Mocsy, Irresponsible Games (1954: Alcatraz, The Perils of Man)
23:39 - Philippe Morin and Red Barrels (Outlast)
23:56 - Alexander Pieper and anonymous Christmas thief, Studio Fizbin (The Inner World)
24:54 - Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded)
25:12 - Adrian Carr, Big Finish Games (Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure)
26:00 - Bob Bates, Infocom, co-founder of Legend Entertainment (Eric the Unready, John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles)
26:20 - Jane Jensen, Pinkerton Road (Moebius, Gabriel Knight 1: 20th Anniversary Edition)
27:27 - Charles Cecil, Revolution Software (Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse)
28:20 - Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin (The Walking Dead) and Campo Santo
29:04 - Chris Jones, Big Finish Games (Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure)
31:08 - Benoit Sokal, Microïds (Syberia III)
31:38 - Bill Tiller, Autumn Moon Entertainment (The Perils of Man)
33:06 - Ragnar Tørnquist and Red Thread Games (Dreamfall Chapters)
33: 27 - Roberta Williams, no introduction needed
34:26 - Robert Holmes, Pinkerton Road (Moebius, Gabriel Knight 1: 20th Anniversary Edition)


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Community Comments

I don't like saying this, but Ken Williams buying Kickstarter is probably a lot more likely than Roberta doing a Kickstarter campaign. ;)
Dec 30, 2013
So cool! Nice to see Roberta and Ken again. I literally just drove by their old building in Oakhurst, CA, outside of Yosemite. And nice to see everyone else! This video gave me warm fuzzies! P.S. I would also love a new Roberta Kickstarter game. Roberta, if you're listening, thousands of backers with oodles of money are at the ready!
Dec 30, 2013
Cyan shared this and wrote "happy holidays from cyan and others!" ..sounds little dubious for me ears ;)
Dec 29, 2013
That was awesome. Thank you, Ingmar and Jack. Makes me feel good about the future of AGs.
Dec 29, 2013
The personal shout-outs to AG staff in some of the videos were great! I really enjoyed seeing Chris Jones, and the outro over the credits by Bob Holmes was fantastic (helps that it was from probably my favorite adventure game)! Superbly entertaining video, guys!
Dec 28, 2013
And a Merry Christmas to all the developers participating in this video.
Dec 26, 2013
They were asked, along with a few others. With such a tight deadline at a busy time of year, it just isn't possible to have everyone we want, unfortunately. By the way, credit for this project goes to Ingmar Böke. He pretty much singlehandedly made it all happen on AG's end (with Nathaniel Berens on video).
Dec 25, 2013
This was really great, kudos AG. But I was wondering, why there wasn't anybody from Daedalic Entertainment, did you asked them to participate? After all, they are most productive developer of classical p'n'c adventures, in last couple of years
Dec 25, 2013
Awesome! Loved it! Roberta still looks good :)
Dec 25, 2013
I can't wait for 2014!!! It will be awesome for us, Adventure Gamers.....
Dec 25, 2013
Great stuff, as usual! Do I smell Williamses' Kickstarter? :D
Dec 25, 2013
Nice! It definitely looks like next year's going to be awesome!
Dec 25, 2013
I was really looking forward to this! So much fun and lots of creativity. Loved all the Sierra alums. The Cyan elevator (what?!), and man the Tex Murphy team went all out.
Dec 25, 2013
I love these holiday videos. The Cyan Company elevator is hilarious.
Dec 24, 2013
Awesome video, Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2013
Ken, Roberta, Jane, Josh, Al, Andromeda guys - so nice to see everyone again! Hail to Sierra :D
Dec 24, 2013
AWESOME! awesome and so awesome ! .. thanks Adventuregamers and many thanks for you all because of those amazing 36 mins' which made my day ..
Dec 24, 2013
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