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Originally Posted by LauraMac
Well that's half the battle right there is having the right group together on any creative push. So you got the core in place.

I read the earlier stuff on the way Dreamworks was so wowed by Bloodrunner they felt inspired to rip it off Borrow from the concept and yet still miss the mark entirely.

Seems to me to be a very viable idea just waiting to be done. There is promise out there with Bad Brains (rich german guy pours money & heart into dream of making many adventure games )

So maybe he'd be interested in another hot concept I think there is definitely a market swell in the direction of the genre if not vast here in the US - it is definitely large in europe.
Put me in touch with these Germans. Bad Brains? Wasn't that a funky reggae band that I saw in New Paltz back in the 80's? Man those were good shrooms...
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