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Originally Posted by Foinikas View Post you wanted to tell me something but you changed your mind?
There's a lot of anger and irrationality in your post, and I thought it's best not to even comment since your mind seems set. But, oh well...

Why should only Tim Schafer have the chance to give his fans what they want? Why should no other developers be able to fund their games with crowd support?

Anybody who follows the adventure gaming genre knows that securing funding for an AG from most publishers is a very difficult, painstaking process. Like I said some posts above, this is the best thing to happen to adventure games in a long, long time, yet people are unhappy? Boggles the mind. Will the Kickstarter trend wear out eventually? Probably, but that people can be upset about new games from legendary adventure game developers is ridiculous.

If you don't want to fund some or all of the projects, suit yourself. But quit crapping on other developers for pursuing their decade-long goals and the fans for supporting them. You think people are just flippantly throwing money at the various adventure game projects?

Ironic, as the only flippant behavior occurred when everyone threw money at Double Fine without them providing anything other than, "We want to make a point and click." The DFA kickstarter was the definition of hopping on a bandwagon without knowing anything about the project. Other developers already have designs and early production complete on their games, and you want to whine about them?

If you are upset about people giving money to developers without them providing anything substantial, you should be complaining about how much money Double Fine made without having done any work on the game. You should be saying that instead of overfunding DFA by such a large margin, the fans should have spread their money a bit more around other projects to ensure that multiple games would come to fruition, be successful, and "kickstart" the adventure gaming genre.

And when you complain about companies not producing their own games, who is the most successful company among those asking for money from Kickstarter? Oh, that's right - Double Fine, the one with 3 or 4 popular games in the last few years. But you're whining about single, individual developers asking for funds from the fans.

"Hey Guys from Andromeda, go to Activision and get $1 million from them instead of asking for it from kickstarter." That sounds so easy, it makes me wonder why developers are using kickstarter in the first place! Just go to the publisher and take a loan, they will be happy to give huge lump sums to developers who haven't made mainstream games in awhile. (that's sarcasm, in case you can't tell)

This is the best thing to happen to adventure games in quite some time. I don't know where it's going in the very long run, but the next couple of years are very promising. Yet, there are always a few people who crap on everything and raise a stink. Bummer.
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