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No, it is about facts, because if you have the wrong facts your perceptions and expectations are skewed.

"Hey, I'm going to the grocery store. It's July, but I sure hope they have a huge stock of 20+ lb Thanksgiving turkeys, because that's what I'm craving right now. WHAT? The store doesn't have Thanksgiving turkeys in July? I AM DISAPPOINT!"

That is the logic some people are using. Gabriel Knight is, for all legal and practical purposes, dead. The AG community needs to accept that and move on. Seriously.

Jane Jensen is a master storyteller, a brilliant researcher, and a great game designer. Yet, despite all her talents and offerings people always want to go back to Gabriel Knight. She spends so much time and effort on new ideas, and they don't get the attention or appreciation they deserve because everyone wants to pigeonhole Jane into GK and GK only. They want her to be stuck in the past instead of supporting her future. She deserves better from the AG community. Much better. A large portion of the AG community needs to grow out of it's "No GK, not interested" attitude.

There, I said it. I have felt this way for so long but have never spoken up on these forums for fear of getting flamed. Now it's evident that this needs to be said because people will otherwise continue to overlook the work and effort from a very talented person. Hey, I'd love a GK4, but it's not going to happen anytime soon. So, I'll support Jane in whatever vision she has because I trust her. I'll remain hopeful for GK4 but not unrealistically so, and I won't hinge my support of Jane on entitlement or expectations of another GK game.

Now to address subbi's poor assessment:

If you make decisions in 10 seconds and close your mind off after that, great for you. Solid way to live life.

Last time I checked it takes about 3-5 minutes to read the Kickstarter page. Not one hour. Nice try, though.

Nice suggestion that the subscription model is aimed at "suckers". Way to misrepresent and put more negativity out there.

I won't go further than that...for now.

A.A - thanks for your support. If this thing is going to succeed the real supporters are going to need to speak out and above the negative, willfully misinformed detractors. I have many emotions about this, but the fundamental question eating at me is:

Why are so many adventure game fans so eager to NOT support Jane? Is it because some feel entitled to a GK4 sequel and they're going to hold out unless she provides one EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHTS AND HAS NO CONTROL OVER THAT SITUATION DESPITE HER BEST EFFORTS AND STRUGGLES OVER THE YEARS?

She spent 5-6 years of her life trying to make Gray Matter despite all the roadblocks and b.s. It was her personal thank you to the fans for their support. She had to move on from GK because it was simply not in the cards, but she wanted to give the fans something as close to the spirit of GK as possible. And I feel she delivered.

Yet despite her constant commitment to the AG fans, Jane seems to be under appreciated by the broader AG community that seemingly prefers the Lucasarts games to the Sierra ones (I've felt this way long before the Kickstarter). And what this Kickstarter has shown me is that profitability comes from overselling a vague product instead of more directly communicating a well-thought idea for game distribution with clear initial game design concepts. Or hipsters. Lots and lots of hipsters.
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