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I'm not saying Jane should have 87000 backers. I've commented on how Tim and Ron have had more exposure over the years while Jane was stuck in development hell. But it's the reasoning people are using that's pissing me off.

I agree that comparing Jane's project to DFA doesn't make sense. But people are doing it to make erroneous criticisms and rationalize their lack of support. If you're not going to pledge because you're not interested, don't have money, etc. I would never infringe on that. But when people bitch about how the video wasn't like Tim's or how the message about what the game will be isn't clear (a completely stupid, 100% untrue statement that actually would apply more to DFA), I'm going to call those people out.

I'm not being overly dramatic here, but I genuinely thought the AG community was better than this. I thought adventure gamers would LOVE the idea of Jane Jensen making more games in the vein of GK and Gray Matter. Many of us do love this, but this kickstarter has also brought out a lot of negativity, and people have jumped at the opportunity to bitch about how Jane's project doesn't meet their premeditated, unrealistic, illogical expectations.

Or, maybe the real adventure gamers are better than that and it's mostly the hipsters who supported the DFA because everyone was doing it. I've never considered myself any kind of elitist in any sense of my various tastes, but I almost feel like one now as I see many other adventure gamers turning their backs on Jane and singling her out for bull**** reasons.
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