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Default Upcoming forum changes

Hello Adventurers,

It's been some time since there have been any changes on these forums, but there is a big one coming up which we'd like to inform you about.

In a couple of weeks we will be launching a new version of Adventure Gamers, and as part of this we will also be opening a brand new set of forums. These forums will be running off new software that provides a better user experience. However, we will not be able to import any content into these new forums, and so the current forums will be turned into a read-only archive.

We currently estimate the switch-over to happen during the second half of April
We are now targeting a launch date of May 20
(which is also the 10 year anniversary of AG!)

We know changes like this can be disruptive, though we are planning to make the switch as smooth as possible. If all goes well the downtime should be minimal (a few hours at most).

We hope you will like the improvements this upgrade will bring. In the meantime, join us later this month in saying goodbye to some of the AG Forums' longest-living threads. Will "Thread Must Die!" finally die? Who will have the final word? We will find out soon!

Thank you for being a part of the AG community, and if you have any concerns or questions, please let us know. A few questions we have already answered below.

The AG Team



Why can't you keep using the current forums?
We chose vBulletin as our forum software back in 2000. It served us well for some time but it's come to a point where it no longer fits our needs. The company developing vBulletin changed hands in 2007, and has since been criticized for poor support and buggy updates. In 2010, vBulletin was exposed to a serious security flaw (fortunately, nothing bad happened). We feel it's time to switch to a more reliable forum.

No, but really, why are you changing the forums?
The new forums will also give us a more modern and secure engine, a cleaner layout, better protection against spam, better integration with the site, and a couple of new features. We hope you'll agree it'll be worth the temporary inconvenience.

What will happen to all the current threads?
They will all remain accessible at an archive location.

Will I need to re-register on the new forums?
No. If you have an active account on the forums now, you will have an account on the new forums. However, your signature, avatar, and profile info will not be copied automatically. If you'd like to continue using data from your current profile, you will have to manually copy this over.

Of course, this can also be an opportunity to freshen up your signature and avatar. We'll be increasing the maximum avatar size from 80x80 to 100x100, with a maximum file size of 15 Kb. There'll also be a new set of default avatars to choose from.

Private Messages will also not be copied over, though will remain accessible at the archived forum.

Any more details about the site update?
We've aimed to incorporate much of the feedback we've received over the past few years. Stay tuned!

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