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besides the great recommendations you've already got I have one slightly different suggestion with its own atmosphere:

Machinarium by Amanita Design.

What makes it a standout is that the story works very well without any spoken dialogue at all (although there's plenty of communication) and it's quite linear in the tasks while not really being too easy.

The game design is something unique to this developer too (flash animation), so if you want to get a feel for this kind of game maybe you want to try "Samorost" and "Samorost II" first (which I think are legally available for free online).

It's incredible how you can identify with such a basic and rudimentary character (a little robot) better than any other more developed characters I've ever encountered.

The reaction of this little robot in Machinarium when you choose the 'wrong' option alone is just so cute, it amounts to being irresistible. (Shakes its head going "Mh-mh").

Yeah, I think this can really get you into adventure games a little deeper although it is not considered a classic yet and it's basically one of a kind (well, three of a kind, really). But it will be a classic one day, I'm sure ...

I hope you'll consider it. Have fun.

Cheers, Dan.
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