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Yeap, you're right and i don't intend to argue with you because i'm scared of what you're capable of

But really, genre definition is "heavy". You know, i remember when Phantasmagoria was advertised as a whole new "interactive-movie" experience. In reality, even it was light on difficulty and with many in-game movies it was still more of a traditional adventure game experience than typical interactive movies like those you mentioned or even Quantic Dream works.

The reason why GK2 might be called "interactive-movie" to some extent is probably because of the fact that live-action FMV during the 90's was automatically recognized as "interactive-movie" experience. For example, Wing Commander 4

was also called interactive-movie while it's still more of a simulation/shooting game.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
But by your definition every single adventure is an interactive movie with lots of stops so the player can solve puzzles
well, the thing is - maybe every adventure game has some elements of full-fledged interactive movie (and vice versa) but not enough and not in that way that we can actually call it an interactive movie.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
An interactive movie MOVES
i agree that "real-time" is a dead giveaway to distinguish interactive movie, but you can also have traditional gameplay without time restraints but with emphasis on choices, story branching... that will be more of an interactive movie than adventure game. Same as i would call The Last Express adventure game with extra-ordinary cinematic experience rather than interactive movie.
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