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Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
Search in progress...

Don't worry, Mr. Zobraks, we'll take good care of Diego... we're his family now.

You're all so very grateful to me, but none of you noticed that I used the word "blaze" where it should have been "blades". HA! It came to me in one of my rare lucid moments.

In the german version he speaks about Oedipus, too. And i would scratch my head if i had hands, because i don't understand this, too
Well, all I can think of is that in a sense he "kills his father" because he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. He may not have married his mother, but he loves her, carries around her locket and portrait. And then there are the eyes! the eyes! Is he blind because he doesn't see the truth right in front of him?

Okay, so I'm desperate to find a connection to Oedipus.
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