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Default Let's Have Fun With Music (sounds)

I think it's time for another fun-and-games thread here!


But before I get into the rules for this thread, I'd like to share a bit of history. I very much enjoyed what MoriartyL did in the "three questions thread":

Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
…and my answers to that were:

Originally Posted by Trumgottist View Post
Then, at the 12th of June, Squinky twittered:
Just for fun, I recorded myself singing in my congested voice, hitting all those low notes I can't hit normally.
I took her recording and replied:
… and then I too had some fun: (It's out of tune and the timing is off, but it's just some fun.)
That's where I got the idea for this thread. History lesson over.


So, the idea for this thread is to post sound bits for people to have fun with! To get things started, here's a bass-line. (If you recognise it, it's because it's taken from my game.) Take it, make something and post what you make! Note that what you make doesn't have to be polished. (My quotes above certainly weren't!) The idea is just to have a bit of fun. Or post another seed for people to play with.

Sounds posted to this thread should be made by you. Sounds posted here are allowed to be taken by others to have fun with and post something new here. But they're only for use here. Unless stated otherwise all copyright is kept by the people making the sounds, so if someone get inspired and want to develop something further for use elsewhere, they should ask each participant for permission to use their sounds.
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