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Originally Posted by sethsez View Post
Sam & Max also does this to an extent, not being the best looking game technically but conveying a ton of personality anyway.
True, I am not implying that graphics overshadow everything but to extend Intrepid Homoludens comment "...quality in this case isn't just about the graphics but, more importantly, about how deep and enriching - and ultimately, memorable - that virtual world can be...", nice modern graphics are the "hook". Graphics will draw a customer's attention then the story, gameplay etc. will take over. But in order someone not to lose interest early in the game or ever earlier at the store shelve you have to tease him with some nice eye candy. Of course graphics are divided to technique and art. Oblivion has both technique and art but WoW is primarily art that doesn't stop millions of people enjoying it. Dreamfall is primary art and less technique, again people (well most) loved it for its looks.

Originally Posted by sethsez View Post
There's nothing wrong with the whole "lone guy in a mysterious and picturesque place has to solve a ton of puzzles" motif, but it's just as subject to laziness as any other type of game.
I have plenty of friends that are really positive about adventures. Especially two of them really like them and actually play them. At times they will stop playing a game (especially Myst clones) due to time issues. After the day job the last thing you want to do is read tons of text to solve just one puzzle when in the same time you can finish a whole level in an action game. Too me this means people want more content for less time. So dear developers fasten the pace. Easier and more puzzles so people can see more in less time. Just like Dreamfall. Sorry but non-adventure people loved the game unlike hardcore adventure gamers. We have to adapt to the new daily lifestyle conditions where unfortunately time is very limited.
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