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Originally Posted by Zanthia
action also often means ability to die. I don't like to die . I don't like any dead ends.
Okay, YOU need to go back to design school, mister. What makes you think that just because there's action means you automatically die?

Originally Posted by gillyruless
There are many good action/adventure games (eg Silent Hill, BG&E etc.), so if you want action with adventure then go ahead and play those. I never understood why people feel that adventure games need to evolve and feature things such as action elements. Games featuring these elemenst are already out there so why try to change the traditional P&C gameplay? Please educate me, why do you feel the need to have the adventure games to be more like BG&E when BG&E already is a game just like itself because it is itself. Er, that made no sense but I think you still get my point.

Would somebody (*winks to Trep*) educate an adventure-game-loving fool or just leave me in peace with my adventure games?
Why should action be included in an adventure game? Well, not ALL adventure games need action, it depends on things like story and theme. Usually action is used as a tool for lending suspense and a sense of immediacy which helps immerse the player more. But it's how well that action bit is done that determines the player's experience, whether their heart races faster and wants to see their hero win, or they make their way to the game's designers and shoot those designers' brains out for f&#king up an otherwise good game because of crappy action added.

In a perfect adventure game, this action sequence from Beyond Good & Evil would eliminate the threat of death and allow the A.I. to automatically help the player through. Click pics for large.

In my opinion, introducing action elements in an adventure game without turning it into an action/adventure is very possible, but tricky. There are a bunch of logistics involved, and it's really a matter of balancing everything out so that the [adventure] gamer can still feel the suspense while manipulating the action intuitively and effortlessly, and even without the threat of dying.

Watch this trailer from Beyond Good & Evil. Pay close attention to the brief sequence of Jade running and jumping on the rooftops. As it is, the game automatically makes her jump and all the player needs to do is steer Jade around. Now, imagine if we can tailor this sequence to a more pure adventure game - in this case then we can eliminate the threat of dying and just have Jade automatically duck/defend attacks from the enemy and still automatically jump. All the player needs to do is steer her. No dying, but there's automatic jumping and dodging, and this part will not end until the player reaches the key area in the level. But, the suspense and immersion is still intact because of player involvement. And now, I'm sure Zanthia would love to play an adventure game like this.

Originally Posted by Ninth
I'm more on the conservative side, but I guess the main reason for wanting AG to evolve is the want to see more audience, and therefore more money (=>quality - and I know this is debatable) involved. And thus to have the adventure genre flourish once again (or for once).
I myself see no reason why classical adventure couldn't share the market with more ambitious ones, innovative in a gameplay kind of way.
Exactly what I've been saying all these years I've been here at AG! Exactly what I've been saying. And yet people still misunderstand me and kick my ass!
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