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Default B.A.T. series - Any fans?

Many of you may not have heard of B.A.T, an early 90s cyberpunk adventure game developed by Computer's Dream software. There are 2 instalments in the series, with B.A.T. 1 released in 1990 and the sequel in 1993. If you've played it, please share your memories or opinions of the series. If not, here's some information in case you'd like to play it. For some reason it's not mentioned or reviewed on AGers so I hope it's helpful. Both games are easy to find.

B.A.T. (Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters) is a unique combination of adventure with minor role-playing elements, released in 1990. The game is first person with a comic-book style layout which was very original for its time, and still is with its non-linear gameplay and time system. Unfortunately there are some elements players might not like, such as infrequent combat (which is a simply a matter of activating your shields and clicking rapidly on the enemy) confusing navigation and a large maze. However, the game gives a very atmospheric and gritty cyberpunk vibe and is enjoyable for what it is.

B.A.T 2: Koshan Conspiracy improved on B.A.T. 1's formula with better graphics, more detailed dialogue and better interface. Personally, I think this is a marvellous game and an adventure classic. It's worth giving it a go even if you didn't like the first game or found it frustrating. Again, gameplay is non-linear with events happening at different times, and you can recruit different members to your party, making each game different.

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