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Originally Posted by Jawa View Post
I think we agree on most points, but I really think you should have another look at how these projects work. We don't fund the games and then have to buy it afterwards, we fund the games and then get the game for FREE, plus a few other games and a whole lot of other content. It's a pretty good deal actually, much better than if I had just bought the game after it came out.

And try to look at it like something great started by Tim, not something cheap copied by others
This, exactly. I see crowdfunding as a way to pre-order the game very early - so early that developers can use that money to create the game. It's also a good deal for backer, because for just 15-20 dollars you can get a full game when it's finished. Developer gets the money, backer gets the game - everybody wins. I can't understand how any adventure game fan can be against crowdfunding... we all have seen how big publishers think about adventure genre, and crowdfunding is giving the whole genre a new hope.

But if someone doesn't want to support the developer so early, it's also perfectly fine. You can still buy the game normally when it's finished. Just remember that in many cases the game exists because there are people who take part in the crowdfunding process.

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