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Originally Posted by Kolorabi View Post
Day 2 was terrible. I can't think of any big Kickstarter that had such a huge drop in pledges, even SpaceVenture had a much better day 2 than this. I am so upset with the anti DRM crowd right now, because of the stink they created. The last time Tex was killed by publishers, this time the internet activists may have been the ones to get him.
Man, the average pledge on Day 1 was like $120. It wasn't the DRM backlash, it was just that Tex's fanbase is small but very passionate, and they gave immediately and generously. That momentum was never sustainable. This will be a long, difficult campaign, like we all knew it would, and we're going to have to work our asses off to promote and get the word out to people.

We need $10,000 a day from now until the end of the campaign. That's doable, it's doing way more than that right now.
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