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Originally Posted by talkshow View Post
I'm sure that would be addressed down the road, if that ever happened. Don't you want Chris Jones & Aaron Conners protected from piracy as much as possible? It helps EVERYONE then. As far as the "best" method... that's what they are looking into. All this bitching about DRM really has been quite surprising to me.
It would be addressed if the rights owners are still in business and invested in their IP. And, of course, I am against piracy - that goes without saying. But no DRM scheme has managed to deter pirates one iota. What it manages to do is to make DRM-protected games unplayable down the road - just take The Moment of Silence as an example. Due to the Starforce protection it came with, legitimate owners can no longer install the game if they use a more recent OS. So the only functional copy one can get out there is the pirate one!

So "all this bitching about DRM" is due to the fact that many people believe that DRM is not just useless, but harmful.
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