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What is with the rampant negativity in this thread. Seriously guys, wth?!

I think everyone needs to take a chill pill and recognise a few key points:

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe are not professional actors. They may also not be the most charismatic people. This is not important. They are not making a goddam movie.

These guys are pioneers of the adventure game scene. The first adventure game I ever played was Space Quest 2, and it is one of my most favourite of childhood memories. I was only 8 years old and vividly remember playing the game with my Dad. It captured my imagination and started a long obsession with adventure games from thereon in. Space Quest 3, 4 and 5 were, in my view, brillianty executred and combined true science-fiction with a healthy dose of humour and some brilliant artwork. From the dystopian future portrayed in Space Quest 4 to the strange worlds and abandoned space stations in Space Quest 5, these are some of my most memorable gaming experiences.

I think that some of the posts in this thread are at the very least disrespectful towards a pair of gifted game creators. Sure, their own spoken performances in the pitch video may lack the polish of other kickstarter campaigns, but this is not their forté. They are storytellers for the gaming medium, not for the camera. Give them credit where credit is due, and let's give them a chance to show us they've still got what it takes to put together a great game. God knows they worked under some trying circumstances towards the end of their tenure at Sierra.

tl;dr - back the damn project already
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