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Originally Posted by maladroid View Post
^ I more or less agree with your take on how voice acting doesn't usually benefit adventure games, but I somewhat disagree on the time: I think modern adventure games have more meh performances than the oldies. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that back then adventure games were pretty much the only genre featuring voice acting to that extent so it all sounded kind of exciting while nowadays action/FPSs with huge budgets can afford AA actors and outshine AGs with ease (although good casting, I find, isn't always associated with money).

But beyond that, the classics from the 90s, especially the ones by LucasArts, consistently featured quality voice work. I still can't believe you didn't mention Grim Fandango in the list of games with impressive voice talent throughout; to me it remains one of its most distinctive characteristics - it really helped elevate the experience to a whole new level. I don't remember being at all that impressed with GK 1, even though I love this game as well.
I agree with you that the '90s were likely better on average for voice acting than today. In addition to game budgets, it's possible that B+ list actors in the '90s were more willing to do voice work for a day for a low fee, whereas now their voice talents are more in demand and therefore more expensive. This is just speculation of course.

It's been a while since I played Grim Fandango so I don't know. I enjoyed the game a lot when I played it, but it hasn't stuck with me all that much. I'm a Sierra guy and those are the games that tend to stick with me.

"Famous" voice talent is of course not a necessity in theory, but in practice it helps immensely.
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