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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
The Avengers - 4 / 5

Now THIS is how you handle an ensemble cast in an action movie! Michael Bay should take notes.
Everybody gets a more or less equal share of screen time and everyone gets their moment of sheer epicness. The humour was once again handled brilliantly (the jet pilot's reaction when the Hulk charges at him, and the Hulk's "puny god" moment will have you in stitches).
This film made me feel like I did during the first Iron Man film - wanting to stand up and demand more when the credits rolled. It's good. It's really good!
Also, I was really impressed with both Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo's Bruce Banner is a lot closer to Bana's than Norton's, but I think he beats both of them, a really good replacement.
Anyway, if you liked any of the recent Marvel superhero movies, then you'll love this one...
Going to see this Wednesday, can't wait. 2D version all the way though, Odeon can go fist themselves if they reckon I'm paying 4 quid more for that shite.

Saw Hobo With A Shotgun last night, classic case of a film title being the best thing about it by far. Poor Rutger didn't even have any classic lines, made me long for Hitcher and Split Second.
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