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Originally Posted by lobotomy42 View Post
Dear god, turn that narrator off NOW! Gabriel Knight is the only Sierra game I know of that has a separate option for turning the narrator's voice off without turning off the rest of the voices. I'm pretty sure this is because she is unbearable to listen to. During my first playthrough, I think I turned her off after about ten seconds and never looked back.

And yes: In a cast including Tim Curry, Mark Hammil and Michael Dorn, the standout star is definitely Leah Remini.
Originally Posted by michael1123 View Post
Haha, too true. I've played through the game many times, and each time I turn the narrator off. Just can't stand the way she reads the lines. Love all the other voices though.

I also look and interact with EVERYTHING in the game, because I love all the detailed descriptions it gives. I couldn't put up with her voice throughout all that.
The GK1 narrator (Virginia Capers) is, by far, the best narrator I've heard in a game. When I played GK1 again for the first time in 15+ years, I was initially put off by both her and Gabriel's voices. However they quickly grew on me. The narrator adds so much flavor to the game. I would listen to an entire audiobook by her if she read it in that voice.

Some of the voice actors I've seen gamers praise are pretty awful, so I'm not surprised that a lot of you dislike Capers.
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