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1. Tex Murphy still is my ultimate mancrush - I love this character to bits.

2. Manny Calavera was an incredible character as well (awesome voice acting too) along with Glottis, captain Velasco, Eva, Salvador, Lupe (the coat-check girl at the casino with the lovable voice). Manny and Glottis stand out but I pretty much loved the entire GF cast, to be honest.

3. Lewton (Discworld: Noir): a projection of the books' Sam Vimes in a way but cool in his own right.

4. Ben (Full Throttle): bad-assery done right.

5. Gabriel Knight, but only in Sins of the Fathers. Something about his terrible interpretation (mainly to do with acting) in GK2 and the strange Tim Curry performance in 3 put me off, but in the first game Gabriel was a really cool, devil-may-care dude, heavily flawed yet very relatable.

6. Honorable mentions go to Murray (in all Monkey Islands except Escape), Wonkers the Watilla (Dreamfall), the DOTT trio (especially Hoagie), Flux Wildly (Toonstruck), Sam (Sam & Max) and probably a bunch of others that I can't recall right now.
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