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Got this in Dutch, but was bored, so I translated it...

Female dictionary

What women say: What women mean

Yes: Maybe
No: Maybe
Maybe: No
I'm sorry: It'll happen my way anyway
We want: I want
Do what you prefer: You'll regret this
We need to talk: Relax, sit down, close your mouth and listen to what's bothering me
Go: I don't want you to go
I'm not angry: Of course I'm angry
The kitchen floor is starting to wear out: I want a new house
I want new curtains: I want new curtains, a new carpet, new furniture and a dish washer
I think I heard something: I don't want you to fall asleep yet
Do you really love me?: I'm about to tell you something you're not going to like
Just two more minutes: Take your time, this'll take at least another half hour
Don't you think I'm fat?: Tell me I'm pretty
You need to learn to communicate better: Shut up and listen!
I'm not shouting!: Yes, I'm shouting because otherwise you don't listen!
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