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I am really excited about this, and nervous, this is my first time abroad!
Have always wanted to go to England, it has always been my “Land of Dreams”!

But I am starting to feel that I will be the fifth wheel here…
You have all been on AG very long and seem to know each other very well.
My first worry is how I am supposed to find you all? I won´t bring any computer since I don´t own a portable one, and I have no idea if my mobile works outside of Sweden. (Gonna have to figure that out somehow…)

Does anyone of you have any ideas?

I will arrive quite early on Friday so I should have enough time to get lost, if you know what I mean! (I have absolutely no sense of direction…)
For the meeting place I guess I can ask for directions to the memorial? Or can I give the name of a café or something?
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