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Originally Posted by teme View Post
Similar questions was asked in norwegian Q&A session (english Q&A below norwegian article)

I think GK1 still holds up pretty well on Gog, but I also think remakes are not out of the question in the coming years.

If I had a chance to do them over, I think mainly I would like to bring them all to a unified style and gameplay mechanic -- something like really gorgeous 2D retina display art and a basic radial menu icon system. How fun would that be? I'm sure there are small things I would change as well, altering some puzzles or maybe adding more cinematics.
Very nice! Thank you for sharing, there are some great questions and even better answers here.

Am I alone in finding the remake idea to be kind of a big deal? Just as LSL is going through a remake in order to perhaps secure the IP rights to continue to make new games, maybe GK will follow a similar path. Who knows? I know that future GK games are becoming more in the realm of possibility, but I don't believe that remaking the earlier games has been brought up much at all.
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