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Originally Posted by zane View Post
Is it just me? I find that whole quote so insulting. You cant put a price on having good response design. I know, more lines means more $ for voiceacting, but LSL1 was a short game. Its like theyr saying "if we dont get more than 500k, were just going to do a straight boring port of this 2 hour game with no new content, guess we shouldv told you that from the beginning!"

I despise these projects that put a $ value on things like: creating items, quests, cosmetic bonuses, basic functions.
I can see your point, and why you may feel a little irked by it. To play devil's advocate though, I think it's just a reflection of the business side of creating a game. While they want to add as much new content as possible, they have budget for these things, and this involves putting a figure on them, even if that figure does seem completely arbitrary - and to a large extent it probably is just that.

If you look at their long term plan it involves selling this game in order to fund the next, so it's in their best interests to make this one as good as possible, and it's not some attempt to squeeze the fans for every penny in order to line their own pockets.

They probably could have conveyed their monetary goals a little better though, I'll give you that.
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