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I went ahead and pledged; I was going to wait until nearer the end, but as momentum seems to be stalling I figured it would be more helpful to do it now.

Sometimes I wonder if she's getting less support because she's not funny. When you think of Tim Schafer or Al Lowe you think of humorous, joke-filled, games, whereas with Jane you know it's going to be a more serious affair. I love the richness and depth of her stories, but perhaps a lot of people are just looking for some comic relief with their dose of nostalgia.

It's strange how even her forums are relatively dead; there just doesn't seem to be a buzz around what she's doing.

I don't think the whole thing would be over if she didn't meet the target, as she'd just roll the publicity into getting the existing backers to sign up through her website directly, but it would be an unfortunate setback and undoubtedly delay production.
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