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We shouldn't underestimate just how extremely popular the Larry-games, especially the first ones, were. The original Larry is in the same league, popularity wise, as Monkey Island, King's Quest and very few others. Gabriel Knight is nowhere near that. I think Tex Murphy is a fair bit more popular than GG, but on the other hand if their goal is a lot higher (which I suspect it'll be), that might turn into even more of an uphill battle than the Jane Jensen kickstarter.

I'm hoping the Tex Murphy guys can get some help from GOG. That could be a big deal and I think it would gain GOG as well.

As for JJ, she can't afford many more days like yesterday. Unfortunately today looks even worse so far. And to be safe she should have at least 310k, in case the 10k-backer or one of the 5k backers, well, backs out.
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