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Originally Posted by MoP View Post
Getting back to Jane, apart from the apparently confusing pitch (that's the embarrassing part if you ask me, people get confused by a simple concept?), I think high price levels are what hold this one down. Around 100$ is what most successful projects ask for a "collector's boxed edition", 200$ in Janes case is just too much. This of course doesn't count the fact, that we could get two games here, so two boxes (so higher expenses), but I guess that's where the confusion comes in again. And you're not gonna get millions with 15$ pledges.
I don't think that it's confusing so much, but more that it's a case of people being inherently lazy when they approach things like this.

When you first present someone with a Kickstarter page, for example, they start off by skimming it to see if they can glean any information which will pique their interest sufficiently for them to read it all. They'll look at the title, the first few reward levels, the first couple of paragraphs. The problem was that the page wasn't set up in a way which aided this process; The title was just "Pinkerton Road Studio", the reward levels just mentioned "CSG", it wasn't until a long way down the page that they actually bothered to explain what the "CSG" was, or even mention the game they were planning. I know they've since updated it, but the page didn't make a good first impression; it didn't immediately captivate or excite the audience, and it's incredibly easy to lose people if you don't grab them straight away. The other game pages came across as much more punchy; they knew what they were doing, they told you what they were doing, and within a couple of seconds there was no doubt. Contrast this with Jane's, and the adjective I've heard most applied to it is "vague."

I agree with you on the reward tiers though; they don't seem that well planned out, nor good value for money. For $16 you can get 4 updates a year, or for $50 you can get 12 updates and some other digital junk that you might click through once. Double Fine, in contrast, gave away access to all the video updates at the $15 tier. If and when I eventually pledge I don't think I'm going to be inspired enough by what's on offer to give more than the minimum required to get the game.
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