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Originally Posted by zane View Post
EDIT: more on ranting about larry.... i just saw that they set the new goal of 750,000 and what theyd do if they got that much includes... adding an animated intro! 500,000 isnt enough to add an intro video to a remake!!!! Embarrassing.
Let's quote the whole thing though:
Some of the features we'd desperately love to add are: animated intro and cinematic cutscenes, maps, dialogues, more speech, foreign languages, Easter Eggs, minigames (in the LSL tradition: fun to play, easy to skip), new puzzles, new girls, new locations...and that's just the top of the list.
Josho Mandels last video update mentioned "rewarding exploration", like responses for trying to do things, combining items etc. I really like that, getting a funny response instead of a "I can't do that".

Getting back to Jane, apart from the apparently confusing pitch (that's the embarrassing part if you ask me, people get confused by a simple concept?), I think high price levels are what hold this one down. Around 100$ is what most successful projects ask for a "collectors boxed edition", 200$ in Janes case is just too much. This of course doesn't count the fact, that we could get two games here, so two boxes (so higher expenses), but I guess that's where the confusion comes in again. And you're not gonna get millions with 15$ pledges.
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