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Classic game of Automatons, Mammoths and an epic train journey. You are Kate Walker, lawyer, in search of Hans Voralberg in Syberia.

I credit this game with getting me back into adventure games after a gap in the early 00's. It's georgous graphics and haunting soundtrack drew me into the strange world of Automatons as we went from one great location to another.

Most of the locations revolve around trying to find ways to wind up your clockwork train and range from a university to a space port.

Unfortunatly, the georgous visuals are great to look at but lack interaction. There are very little hotspots in the game making the game seem empty. It is frustrating to run through 5 screen of lanscapes with nothing to do, hit a dead end and have to run all the way back.

Puzzles are, for the most part very simplistic with only one that stretches the grey matter (The Blue Helena puzzle).

The characters and story are pretty decent. There is some decent background info to be found on the Hans/Ann story as you go from place to place. You meet some decent characters along the way that will help or hinder your progress. Your mobile phone remains a link to Kate's past and over the course of the game you start to wonder what the hell she was like back home as other than her mother all her other contacts are idiots. Her annoying arse of a boss, her fiance is a stuck up git and her best friend bonks her fiance after Kate is away for a couple of days. With friends like these i'd run off to Syberia as well.

Overall it is a pretty simple game with a decent story and georgous visuals. The ending felt more like a mid interval break than a true ending, but I can forgive it because they did make a sequel.

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