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Originally Posted by rtrooney View Post
It was interesting to note that the author mentions that Kickstarter uses the term Backer rather than Investor. A Backer gets into the game expecting something more tangible, e.g., a T-shirt, than does an investor who is looking at a financial return on the money invested.

I would certainly agree that the complete cost of doing something has probably been grossly underestimated by the vast majority of those seeking development funding. When one factors in the cost of printed stationery, the stamp, the time cost of the person folding and stuffing an envelope, etc., the cost of a simple thank you letter easily approaches $5. My guess is that most people don't think further than the cost of the stamp.
I have wondered the same thing. I guess backers are expecting same kind of stuff that they get with deluxe versions of big AAA games. It would make much more sense to give backers all sorts of digital goodies, because they are usually cheaper to develop and distribute. For example a 'making of' documentary is a one time cost and after that the digital distribution costs nothing.
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