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Originally Posted by Pyke View Post
By going to her strengths, and saying "This is an Adventure Game in the vein of GK. Here is the concept art. Here is a video of the game working IN an engine...we need $300k to complete this."
They need money to get presentable in game footage... which they could do if they had a publisher.. but the whole point of this is to cut the publisher out.
Would it have been a better idea to just choose their own game concept and present it confidently? Possibly. But people still wouldv complained that it wasnt GK. And as jane has said, the point of the voting is to show they plan on making multiple games, this isnt a one-time thing for them, and they want fans to feel involved.
And really, if they had picked their own title and it turned out to be a less popular one, then we'd really be in trouble.

The finish line looks to be about 2000-2400 backers away. We need to average around 70-80 backers per day.
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