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yay!!! the skipped question weirdness got fixed finally.

I voted for GM2. Before this kickstarter craze, i had given up all hope on seeing a sequel. And while GM was not a perfect game, i loved the atmosphere and music and would definitely like to see if the plot gets better with a new game. Judging from responses all over the net, it wasnt surprising that moebius took the lead.... but this much of a lead!!!! Im surprised. Im sure it will be a fun game.
I hope they communicate more of whats on the backer pdf to the public on monday. Not only were those descriptions much better than the KS ones, but they made it exactly clear what casual mode vs non-casual meant.

EDIT: also, i still think 300k is not going to be a "shoe-in". But, i do think that theyve come so far with pinkerton road that they will get the extra funding if needed to get 1 game made for this "cycle".
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