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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Interestingly, you're the one who told Logas she didn't need to apologize as long as she was still working on the project. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that!
Yup, if the game is really near completion as she says, why not? I also said she should give back the money if she wasn't really going to deliver. And? I don't even have much of a say in the subject anyway, being that I didn't support her.

You, on the other, used your money to back a completely unknown developer with an ambitious project where any reasonable person could see shortcomings happening just by reading and thinking.

And now you want to ditch "sure-fire" kickstarters with proven developers because of that... really, explain to me how that makes sense? Do you think, for instance, that Logas would be comparable to Jensen in terms of reputation, talent and background? Do tell.
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