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I also have to say that I love your passion inm8#2 in the discussion, however, I agree more with subbi and the others who are arguing against you.

First a disclaimer, I grew up with Lucas Arts games and think most of them are superior to Sierra's games, and I have only played a handful of Sierra Games. But Kings Quest 6 and Gabriel Knight 1 are two of them and really good. I have not either played Gray Matter, I have only read a review of it. Also I didn't know who Jane Jensen was until a couple of years ago after watching some random video on youtube even toughI played some of great games.

inm8#2 whether you like it or not we live in a time of short attention span another Youtube video or interesting article is just one click away. Therefore, the pitch video is probably the most important thing of the kickstarter campaign. I agree with the others who say that Jane video say OK/Good, but it wasn't excellent nor did it grab me as a watcher like Double Fine's did. Personally when I watched it I thought it was to long 7 min if I remember correctly, and I found the project interesting but I didn't read the project description, I only glanced at it. Neither did I pledge any money at that time and Jane had lost me as a potential backer. It wasn't until some days later until I stumbled upon this thread that I checked up on the project again and pledged for it, but only a small amount due to a constrained economy.

The main reasons why I did donate to the project is not because I am super excited about about the project. It has more to to with helping the whole adventure gaming genre and Jane Jensen because of her struggles to get her previous title published. I have also try to help the project some by digging up some Swedish news sources and their contact information for fov to increase the coverage of the project.

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