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Originally Posted by Marek View Post
(If you're curious what it looks like, Double Fine uses an older version of it on their forums).
Oh man, the Double Fine forums are terrible. I was wondering a few days ago if it was something the had coded themselves, because the experience seemed so inferior to what you generally find on any other site. There's no way to go to the first new post (since your last visit) in a given thread (it tells you there's something new in the thread, but you have to remember where you left off), there's no way to find posts by a given user (it only shows you the threads they've posted in, which is useless), etc. I hope the newer version you'll use will work better, because otherwise visiting the forums with that sort of crippled system will be very annoying for me (especially the first thing).

I know this sounds like a case of I Already Hate You New Design[TM], but these forums are a rare oasis of sanity and intelligent conversation on a niche subject in the middle of the Internet and so I enjoy visiting them. I understand the new system will be more convenient for you, and you don't have lots of resources, and forum posters only make up a small fraction of the visitors to the site, but please make sure the forums don't become unnecessarily painful to visit. Pretty please? (Do a Kickstarter to get money to make the forum experience not suck! I'll pledge!)

The new layout will stay narrow as it avoids excess white space / line length on larger screens (i.e. the idea is that it's more readable for the same reason newspapers have columns). If you prefer it to use the full width, you can of course adjust it with a greasemonkey script or similar.
I don't necessarily mind fixed width, but I think the current layout is too narrow. Since we're talking about Double Fine, I think that the width is fine there. The total width of the page is the same as the current AGs design, but here there's so much space lost with the green border, the white border and the avatar column that the area for the post itself feels really small. Anyway, I'll tweak things to my taste if I need to, but I promise I'll give the new design a chance first.
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