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Originally Posted by lobotomy42 View Post
My favorite element of Gray Matter was the contrast between the skeptical, rationalist magician and the spiritual, haunted neuroscientist.
Yep, this kind of contrast has been used again and again - because it works. For instance Mulder and Scully were quite a pair.

In a game with several controllable characters I think it's especially rich as you can experience the same scenes and happening from two very different perspectives. I enjoyed the Grace segments on GK games very much, the different characters do different kind of tasks and pay attention to very different details, it's truly engaging. This is one of the reasons why I liked Alter Ego very much even though it has some bigger flaws, the prude detective and the Irish thief were a fun pair.

Also in the case of Gray Matter it's not only the characters but the whole themes that are contradicting each other and make the game much more interesting than just one of them would - at least for me.
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