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I've spent much of today thinking about this and obsessing with the low rates of signups.

I really think
1. Using the tagline "A Year of Adventure with Jane Jensen," would be so much better than the current title which sounds like an address.
2. Why wasn't the quotation FOV sprang on this forum used? It hits people in the nostalgia, and makes an emotional connection when you mention the lost Sierra-style adventure - a tactic Brygo nailed when talking about the old school RPGs.
3. The child's game and the lack of a clear statement distancing these games isn't helping.
4. The video is terrific.
5. I don't think enough people grok what a CSA is, unfortunately.
6. I actually love the Anglophile concept - the market needs more innovation. While I love 'em, how many thrillers can the adventure market really bear? (evidently a lot.)
7. There's lessons from Chris Serellan's successful KS bid which could have been learned here.

I desperately want to double my pledge but I'm seriously nearly bankrupt from Kickstarter. But I love the CSG concept.

Good luck - the product/idea is a winner, but the marketing seems a bit undercooked.
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