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She talked about what happened with Gray Matter in the GameSpot interview:

GS: What are your thoughts concerning Gray Matter 1?

JJ: It was a different kind of process for me. I had the script for that game. And basically it was developed by a German publisher, and the development team was originally Czech, and then it moved to Paris. And I was working full time at Oberon at the time, so I had a limited amount of time to really spend on that project. And towards the end, they kind of ran out of time and money and were just trying to get the game out. I'm very proud of that game; I think it's a good game, but part of the impetus behind this new studio is I want to make sure I have control over the production. And that I can make sure the games have the quality that I really want to see them have. So the story is not sort of marred by production flaws. I didn't have as much oversight on the project as I would have liked to have had.
She's very diplomatic, of course, but the important takeaway is that her experience with Gray Matter is one of the things that has prompted her to start her own studio...
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