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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
I hope this kickstarter is a big stepping stone toward Jane acquiring the GK rights.

I'm not well versed in the legality of publishing rights or whatever rights they are called, but Activision confuses me. They own the rights to a certain franchise which hasn't been tapped in 13 years. They have no plans to do anything with it. So, why hold on? Why not sell off the rights to someone who will take care of the franchise while you stick to making your Call of Duty games?

Just doesn't make sense other than holding onto a lottery ticket you never plan on cashing.
They want a lot of money off it. Either a big offer or then hold on until one comes along or they decide to use it themselves.

Activision is a corporation, plain and simple. All about making money, and a small offer just won't make them care.
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