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Okay, I just saw the stuff on Jane Jensen's FB page. She first had a picture of her cat (named Scarlet, to me looking rather furious ) and said there's a hint. Well, aside from the Scarlet Furi(ou/e)s hint it there's a weird-looking thingy on the left:
Here's the pic
Looks like a part of a mask to me (like Dr. Stiles') or alternatively a demonic face.

Then she had another batch of pictures and there's another clue there. I'd say it's this one. Look at the wall to the right of the bulldog, there's clearly a demonic, horned face there. White, against a darker background.

I must be right!

Or not, there's also a floral motif there

Or, maybe it's this one with the clue, you know with "the mystery of the open door" as she says.

Or, really, maybe this one with "visitors this weekend. hmmm.... who might they be?" (look like game industry people to me )

Does anyone really know something about this? I'm still pretty psyched about that demon-face on her garden wall.

(Edit): Oh, and of course she also released this pic, which has a bit of a Schattenjäger/GK1 feel to it...

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