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Originally Posted by rickeb1 View Post
That was the first game I played as well! Got it to go with my new IBM-PC around 1981 or so. I think it was called something like, just Adventure, or Colossal Cave, something like that.

~ Rick
Was it Scott Adam's "Pirate Adventure"?

Because my first adventure game is easily one of the best memories of my whole life. My parents bought a Commodore PET computer, and purchased (in addition to a forgettable Avalon Hill space game) two CASSETTE tapes (or was it one double-sided?) which included Scott Adam's original "Adventure" and of course, "Pirate Adventure."

It's where I learned what a chigger was. Seriously, though, the memories I have of being a kid with my parents around that green screen trying to puzzle out the most ridiculous puzzles known to man - and just to let you know, that was no mongoose.

I must have been, 8? 9? and yet I still remember the non-goose.

I'll add that we also played Infocom's "Suspect" together, but...I remember my parents giving up on that. I still have never solved it, in some way, knowing that that mystery still exists...well...

Man, those are some truly fantastic memories.
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