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Originally Posted by Trunkyo View Post
I'm glad you're OK, Trum. It sounds like the semlor suffered more damage! (I wasn't sure if you were being serious, since you posted in TMD! instead of in the Community Blog thread. )
I just feel more at home in this thread. My back has almost healed completely now, and the arm doesn't hurt much either. Unlike yesterday, I've today been sensible and taken care to let the arm rest as much as possible. The swelling has gone down too (looked slightly like Popeye yesterday).

Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
But it doesn't have to be almond paste in between, it can also be jelly (usually strawberry).
Jelly? That just seems wrong. But the store-bought almond paste ones are clearly inferior to proper home made ones. What you do is, once the buns have cooled off, you cut the lid off, and then you scoop out the innards of the bun and put it in a bowl. Add ground almond, sugar and some milk and mix it together, and then re-fill the buns. Whip cream with a little bit of sugar, put that on the buns, place the lids back on and sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar on top. Ooh, that's lovely.

Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
Play my game: Frasse and the Peas of Kejick. The Special Edition is now available! (Mac OS X or Windows.)
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