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Default Possible reader/forum Top 100

I know we saw a great top 100 games of all time list, but the point is ,it was made by you guys (people) working on this (the one only great adventure page) which i dont know what we (adventure players) would have done without it ..

But i wish (as i also think that many AG's members) and looking for a top 100's list that is made by us the players and members here with all the differences of our tastes.
It can be a Poll A forum ...etc (i dont know but just a way to make the AG's members feel more positive to interact with workers, so at the end it gives them(the Members) a part(even if its small) at the decision making

i know it hard work and of course i have no idea how it can be possible but maybe you guys (if you are interseted 1st) would have an idea.

All recpect for any one who works on this Adventuregamers (Great) page.

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