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Originally Posted by Luther10 View Post
A New Beginning a letdown??? even though the game is not a masterpiece and has quite a few problem areas, it's by no way a letdown and it's still my favorite for the year...
I suppose it depends on what you expect before playing. I guess if you expect it to be just a fun little adventure you'll be very satisfied. However I thought I was going ot play a really mature game with a lot op depth which it isn't in any way. I think if they would've developed the story a bit better and got some professional writers on board it could've been really good. But now it just felt like a childrensadventure that tried to be mature but failed at every step.

Don't get me wrong games don't have to be mature for me to like them. BOUT wasn't very mature either but it didn't pretend to be. They presented it as a grand adventure with wonderful characters and laugh out loud moments at very step. And that's exactly what it is imo.
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