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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
I have played only 5,5 games of the 67 ones on the AG list, and I would find it very hard to put those 5 or 6 in 17 categories. I'm not going to try.

How many games have others played?

I've played, or should I say, 've finished 11 out of those 67.

Book of Unwritten Tales
The Next Big Thing
Edna & Harvey
Gray Matter
Blackwell Deception
A Stroke of Fate
Black Mirror 3
A New Beginning
Gemini Rue
Alpha Polaris

LA Noire I'm still playing.

And 3 other games I simply quit without finishing...

Dead's Mountaineer Hotel
Baron Wittard
Relics Dark Hours (worst game for me this year)

Ok, lets see if I can hand out awards with just the above selection.

Best Story: Gemini Rue
Best Writing Drama: Gray Matter
Best Writing Comecy: Edna & Harvey
Best Character: emmm.....ok, the Bilbo lookalike in Book of Unwritten Tales
Best Gameplay: Book of Unwritten Tales
Best Concept: LA Noire
Best Setting: A New Beginning
Best Graphic Design: LA Noire
Best Animation: LA Noire
Best Music: Gray Matter
Best Voice Acting: Book of Unwritten Tales
Best Sound Effects: LA Noire
Best Independent Adventure: Gemini Rue
Best Non-Traditional Adventure: LA Noire
Best Traditional Adventure: Book of Unwritten Tales
Best Adventure of 2011: emmmmm.... LA Noire (5 awards) vs. Book of Unwritten Tales (4 wards)..... HELL NO.... I'm giving it to A NEW BEGINNING
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