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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
I have played only 5,5 games of the 67 ones on the AG list, and I would find it very hard to put those 5 or 6 in 17 categories. I'm not going to try.

How many games have others played?
I've played 15 (I didn't realize I played that many games last year) of them:

Back to the Future
Black Mirror III
Blackwell Deception
Blue Madonna
Book of Unwritten Tales
Drawn: Trail of the Shadows
Edna & Harvey (my game of the year)
Goin' Downtown
Gray Matter
Jurassic Park
LA Noire
Nancy Drew: Captive Curse
Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes
NCIS (Terrible)
The Next BIG Thing

Plus I have 3 more (Gemini Rue, A New Beginning, and Portal 2) that I have purchased but haven't had a chance to play yet.
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